January 22, 2015

Ski Trip 2014

For the past 6 years I have been going on the Mav family ski trip. This trip is one that everyone looks forward to all year long. This year we went back to Wolf Creek and stayed in South Fork for the second year in a row. Previously we stayed in Pagossa Springs and we have been to Winter Park. I have loved every place and have fun memories from each trip! You could basically stick us all in a cardboard box and we would have fun.

This year I was able to bring my Dad and sister along and they experienced the Mav/O family fun for the first time! My dad grew up in Colorado and was an avid skier and apparently skiing is like riding a bike because he didn't miss a beat. Kenn decided to ski instead of try snowboard, but I think next year she will be a boarded like the rest of us! 

We took three cars up there this year. The O crew and Randi had to wait until Friday evening to leave and drive through the night to ski the next morning, but our car and the Mav car headed out bright and early (way too early for anyone to be awake) for the 13 hour road trip. Our car pulled into South Fork around 4pm and it was so good to be able to unload and explore in the day time! We set up a fire for the Mavs to come "home" to and started a pot of Chili. The crew this year was not as big as most, but we still have tons of fun! Amanda and Tatum stayed home as well as Ally's kiddos. Coby and Bradey didn't make it, but we are hoping next year we are full to brim with people!

We love going to Wolf Creek because they are known for getting the most snow! This year was the least amount of snow that we have ever had. The house last year was covered in snow, this year we pulled up to dead grass and only snow on the roof top. Our last two days of the trip it snowed all day and night and made for the most perfect last day of skiing! 

Our menu consisted of some great meals. We had Chili, potato soup, taco salad, and homemade lasagna! We also cooked breakfast in the mornings and delicious deserts each night. I took approximately zero pictures of our yummy meals and 100 pictures of us feeding the deer, which is totally illegal so don't do it! But, how could you say no to those faces! We also managed to take not one single picture all together as a group or even coupled up... I attribute that to a no make up and only pjs trip- also called best vacation ever. 

I phone pictures... low quality, high fun

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