May 14, 2012

One More Reason

   I have found one more reason why dogs are the greatest creatures on Earth. I actually can tell you about a thousand reasons why I think this, but I will stick with just this one. My mom was telling me about this story of a seeing eye dog from Tulsa, Oklahoma the other night. I decided too look it up myself since I have been slacking on my news watching. So, here is a summary of this amazing story and a video for you to watch. It is an inspiring and hopeful story.

The Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the top animal hospitals in the nation. Just like all of the other hospitals and shelters they work hard to take in any animal that is suffering and needs help. This hospital unknowingly took in two very special and unique dogs. The first dog they took is was a Golden Retriever named Tanner. Tanner was born blind and had been placed in foster homes after his owner died in 2010. Tanner was placed in this hospital after he had began having seizures. These seizures caused him to "go into a biting frenzy". Blair was the second special dog to be placed in this hospital. Blair was a black Labrador Retriever and had been placed at this hospital because of abuse.

Because of Blair's horrific past she was very timid and did not like the company of any other dogs or people. Blair is a remarkable dog. She has become a seeing eye dog for Tanner. Dogs are simply amazing. I encourage you to watch this video, it is only about 2 minutes. I also encourage you to watch it because how could you not love seeing a beautiful Golden Retriever prancing around with a beautiful Black Lab!

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