December 23, 2015

Duck Hunting

         For a while now Cam has been obsessed with duck hunting. He started hunting about two years ago and since moving by the lake and his best friend being home the obsession has only increased. He goes pretty much all the time and has had many mornings up before the sun.

This week has been unseasonably warm so when he asked me to go with him I said yes. After all, he did buy me a warm camo get up last Christmas and we only live 3 minutes away from the lake. We woke up at 6 and we were on the water by 6:20 am. I wore our bother in laws waders, which happen to be about 5 sizes too big, but I was pretty warm and very dry. I brought along my camera bag so I could take pictures. 

I ended up not getting very many great pictures, especially of Cam actually shooting. But, we had fun and it was an experience! :) Cam did finally get to shoot at one group of ducks flying by, but when he said "you ready" I thought he meant to leave so I totally botched that picture session. So, until next time ducks. I will be ready to shoot you with my camera and Cam will be ready with his shotgun. 

That thing up and to the left of his head is a wood duck... Cam has been trying to shoot one of those for two years. 

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