December 16, 2015

Weeks 19 & 20

week 19:

Baby: Cambree is the size of mango or a heirloom tomato. Her sensory development is exploding. She now has designated areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch in her brain. She might be able to hear my voice now, which is crazy!

Weight: On my home scale I weighed 103 pounds.

Symptoms: I have been feeling great. I am noticing that it is harder to get comfortable at night or sitting in the car, but nothing too crazy. I'veals noticed that I get out of breath more easily. Baby girl is moving around a lot more these days. I can feel her and know for sure that it is her moving. Cam hasn't been able to feel her tiny kicks yet.

Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty good.

Craving: I still haven't had any big cravings. I still prefer salty foods and am not a huge fan of meat, but can eat it when I need to. I am still loving sugar cookies, but have limited myself to when I eat them.

Clothes: Some of my favorite pants and sweat pants are getting more uncomfortable to wear. I did buy some maternity leggings from Blanqi on black Friday and I am anxious to see how the feel when I wear them.

Random: We have a doctor's appointment next week and we will get our 20 week ultrasound!

week 20:

Baby: She is the length of a banana now and according to the app 10 1/2 ounces. She is swallowing more, which is good practice for her digestive system. She has is officially half way cooked! We hope she stays in the full term, but I could technically already be more than half way through with this pregnancy.

Weight: My official weight at the doctor this week was 107! To be honest my first reaction was yikes lay off the sugar cookies, but I know the baby needs me to gain weight so it will all be fine. With that measurement I am up a total of 7 pounds.

Symptoms: Still feeling really good. I am super thankful for a healthy pregnancy for both baby and I. I have had a little bit of heartburn and random leg or foot cramps. I have been trying to make myself drink more water, which has always been a struggle.

Sleep: I have had a handful of nights with crazy sciatic pain, so my sleep has been off. When the nerve pain comes it is hard to get comfortable. Thankfully the sciatic pain has been coming in spurts and has not stayed for an extended period of time it makes moving rather hard.

Craving: One day this week I thought a margarita sounded awesome. I got Cam some powdered donuts for his birthday morning and couldn't stop eating them. I am basically hungry all the time. I eat a full meal, which is rare I have always been one to have left overs, and can find myself hungry within the next 45 minutes to an hour. I should probably try to eat more protein. Yep, that will be on my to do list for next week.

Clothes: I wore those Blanqi leggings I talked about and they were AMAZING! Seriously, they were more comfortable than my sweatpants. I am going to need to invest in some more pairs of those lovely things. My belly officially shows in every piece of clothing I own.

Doctor: Our 20 week ultrasound was so cool. Cambree was sitting up and kept her legs crossed like a true lady the whole time. Our ultrasound tech said she was thankful we already knew she was a girl, because she couldn't get her to move her legs! We were able to see her sweet little hands, which she kept by her face. We saw her two feet and so far her head does not look gigantic like her daddy's. She was measured 12 ounces and 20 weeks 1 day. Her heart rate was 141, so she is still a super relaxed little girl. We were able to see her kidneys, stomach, and all four chambers of the heart. We saw her spine and all those other bones and organs. She didn't want to give us a good picture of her profile, so we only have weird ones where she kind of resembles an alan. But, the cutest alien you ever did see. She is right on track and we can't wait for the next ultrasound.

Random: Cam turned 26 on Sunday and Saturday night we were laying in bed watching a movie and Cambree was kicking like crazy. I grabbed Cams hand and he was able to feel her kick! I think that is a great birthday present for the daddy-to-be. We officially call her by name and it is so much fun to think of who she is going to be. I was wrapping presents the other night with the only light on being the christmas trees and tv and I couldn't help but think of how amazing this time next year is going to be. Getting used to having a belly is a weird thing. I haven't gotten used to seeing myself with the baby bump or feeling it. I can really feel it stretch sometimes and I have been lathering on the stretch mark cream in hopes that it helps some.

this was her yawning... or shouting? 

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