December 18, 2015

Holiday House 2015

    Christmas is my most favorite time of year. I love the lights, the trees, the cheer, the family, and the joy. This is our first Christmas in our new to us house and I have been looking forward to decorating since we moved in last March.

The day (or week) after Christmas is the best time to shop for Christmas decor and new trees. Last year I lucked out and bought two trees for less than 20 dollars. I found a 6 foot flocked tree, and I love it, as well as a 7 1/2 foot super full evergreen tree! So this year I have a total of three Christmas trees in our little abode and I love love love it. We have the flocked tree in the living room, the big tree in the guest room, and the white tree in our room. I am on the hunt for a tree for Camber's room next year. I also have some projects for my dad and Cam to complete for our front porch decor.

I have found myself doing more dreaming and wondering about the future this year than ever before. It is the most fun to be able to sit and wrap presents by the Christmas tree and feel little baby kicks.

We have hosted a few family dinners at the house and I love showing off my decor and cute little home. Our house has come a long way and I am more proud of it now than ever. I finally feel "home" and am completely comfortable. I may never take my cozy Christmas decor down.

I have been looking for a wreath for the front door and 
just haven't fallen in love with any!

These milk cans are from my Great Grandpa in Akron, Colorado.

Our nativity is still one of my most favorite wedding gifts that we received!

These are the stocking my gram sewed up for me 
and the ladder my dad made. I love it!

It is so fun to see her sweet little name. 
Next year that stocking will be full of all the small things!

I made an ornament out of the original house key.

One of my favorite things to do is buy an ornament 
on each vacation or new place we travel to. 

This is our honeymoon ornament!

These candles were Sue's, Mike gave my mom and I a set. 

Griffey has done great with all the decor for being his first Christmas!
I am excited for him to try to open up presents on Christmas morning.

Here he is taking a bite of an ornament because he thought I told him to "get it" instead of get next to the tree.

I tried to get a picture of both of the dogs by tree... Didn't work so well. 
But, I couldn't leave out our old boy Deuce. 

I hope each of you have a very Merry Christmas and
 enjoy all the time spent with whomever you love most! 

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