December 4, 2015

She has a name!

Cam and I had talked about names only a handful of times before finding out we were pregnant. Those names were always boy names and usually something Cam had heard in a country song or a baseball player's name. So, when we found out we were having a girl we were both kind of lost on the name front. I had a list of names that I have liked and held onto for years and went over those with Cam and he quickly vetoed almost all of them for one reason or another. Turns out most of my the names on my list were picked for boys anyways.

We finally narrowed it down to three different names and couldn't really decide. Naming a child is a huge task, she will carry this name for the rest of her life. I had one front runner name, but really liked our second place name and I just couldn't decide. So I moved onto thinking about middle names and pretty much knew what I wanted it to be because one sounded better than the other. I had told Cam I really wanted to use Reece as a middle name and he said he liked it.

Reece is the last name of some really great family friends who have lived next to my parents for 18 years. Sue recently lost her battle to cancer and I just knew that my baby girl needed to take her name. Sue was the sweetest, most generous, and feisty little woman. She would do anything for anyone, especially my family. She was there for me when my mother couldn't be and I know she would still be there.  

I know she would be so excited and proud of Cam and I and this little girl growing in my tummy. She always told me that my babies would be her grand babies and although I will not be able to bring my baby girl to meet her here on Earth I know Sue will be by her side forever. I so wish that I could tell Sue in person the name we have chosen, but know she is there and has been there since day one for this little girl. We miss her here on Earth, but know she is in the best of places and we will rejoice with those we have here. We haven't had the chance to tell Mike, her husband, yet but I can't wait! I know he is going to be a big puddle of mush because that is just how sweet he is too! 

Back to the first name... We chose Cambree. Yes, we will have another Cam and I am sure she will be called Cam and that is fine with us. We also have a niece that is Camden and she said she didn't mind at all being the middle Cam. Cambree is a name I came across in high school and it has stuck in my head and my heart since then. Plus, what little girl doesn't want to be named similarly to her daddy? Especially when her daddy is as great as Cameron. 

So with that, we have a name and the countdown is on. 

Cambree Reece we cannot wait to meet you! 

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