March 4, 2015

Snow days

Last week we started the week with ice and ended it with beautiful fluffy snow! Yep, we had another snow day! This time it was actual snow and oh so pretty. We ended up getting more than originally expected and it made for a mess of a moving weekend. We had to be out of our apartment on Saturday no matter what, but y'all we CLOSED on OUR house on Friday in a snow storm!

Yes, our God heard my prayers and gave me more than I could have imagined! I have been praying for a snow day since before Christmas and as you know we have been praying for this house to become ours. Well, I got both in the same day and it made for the prettiest first home picture!

We rented a Uhaul in the 5 inches of snow and with the help of all of our family we loaded it up and made the move to across town. Because of the moving we didn't get to really play in the beautiful fluffy snow, but I did take some awesome pictures.

Saturday the snow was covered in a sheet of ice and then it all melted and made for a muddy slushy mess. We are currently getting rain and are under another winter weather advisory and could have a 4th snow day tomorrow! I will keep my fingers crossed. I will also work on a house update! I did take some pictures of our fixer upper before we moved all of our stuff in!

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