March 20, 2015

Griffey Mav

We got a puppy! We flew in Sunday at 1 am arrived at 5 am and picked up Griffey at 11 am. We probably should have napped before then, but we were excited puppy parents. Griffey was 8 weeks as of March 14th and he was the only red out of his litter of blue heelers.

We were told by an older guy that comes to the shop and runs his dogs in the back field that his brother in law's dog was having unexpected puppies and that we would be welcome to have one. I always say you shop adopt and not shop, but who knows where these puppies would end up since they were just letting random people take them so I felt good snagging the pup up. We have been home with him for almost a week and he's a mess! He has been super fun though and Deuce is actually a fan of him, for the most part. They play and wrestle all over the place.

We weighed him on Sunday and he weighed 10 pounds! He also got his first bath and wasn't too fond of that. He has sweet puppy breath and can be a snuggle buddy when sleepy. He is a fiesty little thing when awake and can run circles around Deuce.


  • he loves leaves and being outside
  • running in circles
  • biting his nub tail
  • shoelaces
  • chasing Deuce every where 
  • food
  • naps
  • bushes or trees
  • having to wait to eat
  • his crate
  • loud noises
  • the windshield wipers
  • having to get out of the bushes


Welcome to our crazy world Griffey! You fit in just perfectly.

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