March 23, 2015

Spring Training

    The second week of March Cam and I tagged along with his parents and their friends to Arizona to watch some Rangers Spring Training. The Texas Rangers opening day is quickly approaching and Spring Training is such a fun time. This is our third year going and this year I had a fancy camera to get some fun pictures. We arrived on a Wednesday and went to a game that afternoon at the White Sox field. We went Thursday to the Rangers field and sat right behind Tony Romo! 

Friday we took the day off from games and went to Prescott to sight see. Saturday we ended our trip with a trip to the Padres and Dodgers field. This day was most fun because it was dog day at the ball park and there was 257 dogs there! They ended up raising over $1000 for the local human society. Such a cool event! 

We got Prince Fielder to sign a ball! We ate our way through Arizona. Vacationing with the older folks is fun and we loved it! ;)


Choo wears Nike Choos (his shoes really say Choo on the back)

These two fellas sat in front of us and danced 
and talked through the whole game. It was the cutest.

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