March 18, 2015

House update

Oh, where to begin... I left off with snowy pictures of our house. Here we are almost a month of being home owners and there has been so much done and so much not done. It is actually hard to see what we actually have done because I kinda feel like it hasn't been much and then I feel like all we have done is work.

So what have we done... We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more and will continue to clean this weekend. Y'all, the house was empty for 6 months and I am not sure it was all that clean before they left, but dust stacks up that is for sure. We moved all of our furniture in. The living room and bedroom are the only rooms set up. We currently have boxes stacked on the walls of the other two bedrooms.

We fixed water leak after water leak and still have some to fix this coming weekend. I killed entirely too many spiders and unknown bugs. We have raked several piles of leaves and have about 400 more to rake. Cam mowed the grass it was so tall and it is so green!

Our kitchen cabinets need the shelves replaced and hung up so they remain empty. Our pantry has stuff in it, but with only two shelves its not much. That is a project for the coming days as well.

Our bedroom... we have a bed and two night stands! I put everything in our closet and it is semi organized.

I learned that I cannot function properly if everything in unorganized. So, before cleaning I had to organize those boxes of stuff in the extra rooms.

We bug bombed today so I am hoping to go home to dead bugs and no longer alive ones. Or really I would rather come home to no bugs.

Oh yeah... also we went on a trip to Arizona to watch some spring training games and we came home and picked up our puppy! You can go ahead and call us crazy! More about both of those later. For now meet Griffey Mav. :)

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