February 24, 2015

Ice Day

  North Texas has been basically been closed since Sunday night. We all went to sleep hopefully for a Monday snow day and we all woke up to straight ice! Here were are Tuesday on Ice Day number 2 and they are calling for actual snow tonight! This week was supposed to be the week we closed on the house and it is the week we have to be out of our apartment so you would think I would be wishing this crazy weather away, but truth is I am loving it. I have spent two full days having fun relaxing and not worrying.

Cam and I (and Deuce) braved the roads Monday afternoon to head over to my parents to have some fun on the golf cart. We ended up staying the night and woke up today to another snow day! We enjoyed sledding on an old cookie sheet, drinking hot chocolate (which may or may not have been spiked), and sitting my the heaters!

Deuce loved it! He was not a big fan of his sweater, but I just couldn't help myself

Where there's a Cam there is a Deuce... he wasn't a fan of sledding, but he loved chasing Cam.

If you follow me on Instagram @baileemav you can see some awesome sledding videos. Hope everyone is having a great week filled with snow (or ice) days!

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