February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day

     This Valentine's Day was sweet and simple. Cam and I have been celebrating this day together for 8 years now, 2 of them married! WOW! We never really do a whole bunch for this holiday and I don't mind a bit. We had hoped to be moving into our new (to us) house, but as things often do plans fell through. We should now be closing on this house this Wednesday... BTW the house is a whole series of blog posts that I need to put together and hopefully will get to that soon!

Friday I went to my little sister's soccer game with my mom and Kaylee. Luckily I went because my sister ended up getting hurt and mama bear might have lost her marbles if I hadn't been there to help. Kenn will be fine, just a minor concussion. She should be back to playing next week so in the mean time I have a good week off of freezing my bum off in the cold watching her play. 

Saturday Cam woke up early and had to run some errands so I stayed in bed and did a whole lotta nothing. He came home around lunch time to pick me up for our day date. We had planned on going to my parents later to finish up some projects so lunch was going to be our valentines date. We exchanged gifts before heading off to lunch. 

I had no idea what to get Cam until about a week ago while looking at one of my favorite ladies blog and came up with a brilliant idea! I searched online and ended up finding a slate plaque that said "Mavroulis Home established July 26, 2013" and it came in super fast! Thank you Peronsalization mall ! I was also searching for ideas on Etsy and found the cutest Etsy shop, Cover Love. They have a handful of personalized pillows, towels, and other products. I chose the personalized kitchen towel and it has the coordinates of our new house on it. I may have been buying that one for myself more so than Cam, but we can keep that a secret. 

He opened his gifts and he was pretty excited about them! He got me some pretty roses and a sweet sweet card! He also told me he wanted to come home with a puppy, but instead came home with a puppy on a box of chocolates. He also got me a new charm for the James Avery charm bracelet he started last year. It is the sign language sign for "love". 

We went to lunch at Mi Concina, which if you haven't had it you need to go ASAP! Get the Sunset Fajitas and two Mambo Taxis! 

After lunch we went back to the apartment to pick up Deuce and headed to my parents house. The weather was beautiful so we hung out outside in the sunshine and did not get much of anything accomplished. Sunday however, we did get some work done on the projects and I can't wait to see the finished products!

Hope y'all had a Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. I chopped TEN inches off my hair two weeks ago! I donated that ten inches to someone who needed it more than I and my hair feels great, but I am still getting use to this short hair business. Cam has actually always told me to cut my hair short and I surprised him with this haircut and his first response was "why didn't you cut it shorter"... so surprise fail. 


  1. Flowers, chocolate and a new charm sounds like an awesome gift! He did so good!

    1. I agree, I think I'll keep him :)