February 20, 2015

We're buying a house!

   So for the past few years months Cam and I have been house hunting. We started this process sometime before Thanksgiving. If it wasn't for Cam I think we would be living in an apartment the rest of our lives... y'all I am the worst with patience and waiting and just everything that comes with house hunting. God has tested us and I think I have failed miserable, but I have learned so much. Thankfully Cam passes those tests with flying colors and is such a great leader. 

This season of life has been challenging and I hope I can keep growing and remembering the lessons I have learned throughout the process. Our God is a great God and he is always doing good, even if it's not what I wanted or planned. His plan is far greater than my own 

In hopes of finding our first home we were searching in the outskirts of town and looking for homes with some land or at least a back yard big enough for you to stand in. We actually didn't visit that many houses, two to be exact, but we looked online and in the ads for what I thought was forever... there's that patience thing again. In December we put an offer on the house and are hoping to close by the end of February. We have to be out of our apartment by the 28th, so we may be living with our parents by the end of the month. But, I am choosing to trust in God and believe that it will all happen on His timing and if he wants us to live with my parents then by golly that's what we will be doing. 

The house we put an offer on is a small 1220 sq. foot 3 bed 2 bath home built in 1940. It sits on a third of an acre and if the lake had water in it that would be across the street. So this Spring we will be praying for rain! Fill up the lakes! The house has a handful of trees, one big pecan tree right in the front. It is going to be our Fixer Upper. I kinda love it and I love that my husband is so proud and excited about it. I on the other hand I am negative nancy and need an attitude adjustment. Insert of gracious God... thankfully He and my husband extend grace because we all know I need it. 

I really am excited and have a whole list of things that I want done. Cam and I even have the same ideas for the house... for the most part! :) I am excited to be on this journey of life even if its crazy, chaotic, makes me bonkers and teaches me patience. With that being said we are set to close next week, yep I said last week that it would be this Wednesday, but that fell through. So, we are hopeful and crossing all fingers that next week will be the week! It's all in God's hands. 

Here is a sneak peak


  1. Awesome news!! Fixer uppers have soo much potential! I cant wait to see more pics!

    1. Thanks I am kinda freaking out!