February 11, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: The Reception

I was just going back through my wedding posts and realized I never blogged about the reception. What was I thinking?! We are coming up on two years of marriage and I have to say I am so glad to be out of the planning mode and just living life with my husband. This life we lead is a blessing and I am grateful. 

Now, back to the reception. We had so much fun after the wedding ceremony. We chose our venue because they had a reception area as well as the ceremony area. No one would have to be driving around to find the reception and there was no chance that we would be late... well that late! :) I also loved all of the details and natural light the reception area offered. There was a big inside area that was well air conditioned and there was an outside area. How anyone stayed outside that night is beyond me because I remember it being HOT HOT HOT and humid. We did get married in the middle of a Texas Summer after all. 

Now that I have waited almost two years to talk about our reception I would be lying if I said I remembered every moment. I also have no idea what song we even walked into. I am sure it was a good one and if I remember I will update this with that info. later. I do know that every picture every guest has a smile on their face and I remember feeling incredibly happy and loved the whole day and night. I remember feeling overwhelming love and would go back to that moment in a heart beat. 

Our wedding party was introduced by couple as well as our parents and we walked in last. After being introduced we walked around and talked to all of our guests. I got to hug the necks of all the amazing people that came to our big day. I do remember my Auntie Lorie making Cam and I a plate of queso and chips and having us sit down for .5 seconds to eat! Thankful she did that because I think that is all we ate that night. 

Soon after that it was time for our first dance. We picked the song "Hey Pretty Girl" by Kip Moore for our first dance. I loved the song then and I love the song now. I can't help but dream of being able to play it with my sons or daughters some day. Cam and I stole an idea from his oldest brother and sister-in-law and asked all of the married siblings and parents to join us for the end of our first dance. I loved having all of that love up there dancing with us for our first dance as one. 

After the first dance it was time for the father-daughter and mother-son dance. My dad and I danced to "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw. Dad didn't stop talking throughout that dance... he didn't want to cry and I didn't either so I am thankful for that. It was such an emotional day! Cam and his mom danced to "It was your song" by Garth Brooks.

The dancing was done and it was time to cut the cake! My gram and many other lovely ladies set up the best desert table that help our cakes. Cam's Aunt Nicole made both of our cakes and they turned out perfect. She made a red velvet baseball groom's cake and a beautiful vanilla cake with ruffles for me! She also made a ton of banana pudding that was housed in tiny mason jars! My Gram made too many mini pies to count and I loved how everything turned out. 

The toasts were up next! My sister and maid of honor gave the most heartfelt toast to both Cam and I. It resulted in tears and laughter. I am so thankful for her! Cam's best men, Rodge and Josh, also gave toasts that were equally sentimental and hilarious. Rodge even ending his toast calling me baby! Once the toasts were over it was time for everyone to get on the dance floor and have fun. 

I hope our guests had as much fun at the wedding as we did! We sure loved watching and spending time with everyone. 

The bouquet and garter toss happened and my best friend Kaylee caught the bouquet. Josh, one of Cam's best men, caught the garter. 

These two have been putting on a show in my life for years

This group is always their supporters! Love them!

The last song played was "Sweet Caroline" and it was the perfect ending to the most perfect time! Then it was time for us to hit the road! We hugged the necks of our loved ones and drove off in a blue corvette! It was a memorable and super fun night! 

This was a night to remember and I
 look forward to many more amazing 
night with this HUSBAND of mine! :) 

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  1. Y'alls first dance song was perfect. And everything looks beautiful. I especially love y'alls cake. It's so beautiful! :)

    1. Thank you Allison! Wish we could relive that day!