March 29, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Jesus: I am so thankful for you. Thank you for enduring the pain and sacrifice con the cross for me. I do not think "thank you" is even a strong enough term. This Easter holiday is for you, as is every day. Thank you for continuing to lead me and believe in me. Thank you for being the good in me. Thank you for always showing up. Thank you for giving me all of the opportunities that you have given me this past year. 

Dear Fiance: You are so amazing... seriously. Coming home to a clean house AND newly organized closet was fantastic! Also thank you for still thinking I am beautiful even when I always often look like a hot mess. Good luck at baseball this weekend. I hope you get some games in before the rain. 

Dear Spring: I am so glad you are here... although they said next week to expect a freeze again! WHAT!

Dear Aunt Pam: Thank you thank you thank you for all of your help with the wedding!  I wish we could hear the funny comments and ideas that Uncle Jackie would be coming up with. However, I am glad Mike has been put into your life he has some pretty good comments too :)



  1. I just found your blog! It is wonderful!

    1. Oh thank you! It has been so fun to create and keep up with! I feel like I have so much to learn though... I am now going to go check out your blog!

    2. I just started mine! I agree it is such a learning process, but I am having so much fun doing it!