March 8, 2013

What I learned in College

    Because it is my last semester of my undergraduate career I thought it was only fitting to write about what I learned during my 4 years of college. And I find it more fitting to write posts in bullet or numbered form... they just look better right?

  1. I met THE ONE... no not Cam, he is my two and I was lucky enough to meet him in high school. My freshmen algebra professor is an angel... seriously. I plan on writing a whole post about this sometime, when the time is right. 
  2. It is perfectly fine to look like a homeless person... actually the more homeless you dress the better.
  3. Sleeping in when it is pouring outside instead of going to class is ok... actually doing this will prevent many problems... like looking like a wet dog.
  4. Grades are not the end all, be all. Those people in the real world will not give a hoot about your 3.87 GPA. Promise. 
  5. Making friends is important. Unfortunately I learned this lesson a little too late. Yes... this could be a whole post in itself too. 
  6. Believe it or not learning to live like a "broke college student" is important... it also sucks. You will get used to it... Ramen noodles will never taste good. 
  7. It is perfectly fine to eat cereal (fruit loops) for breakfast and dinner. 
  8. Work hard. Nap Hard... I might have taken these words from Uncle Si. 
  9. You can google just about every thing.
  10. It is ok to not know exactly what you want to do... that realization will come with time. 
  11. Do not schedule 8 am classes... you will not go.
  12. Also do not schedule classes on Friday, if possible. I waited until the last semester to do this... why I have no idea? No class on Fridays is the best. 
  13. Have fun. Enjoy it.

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