March 9, 2013

The One & The Two

    I started this book by Craig Groeschel a couple months ago. I have not finished it because I have a hard time finding the time to read anything that is not a psychology textbook. Anyways, so far I have really enjoyed this book. It is super informative and you can totally hear his humor in the words. If yall have not read or listened to Craig you need to... he is the lead pastor at Life Church and he has written a handful of books.

I decided to read this book simply because it the title says "Preparing for a marriage that goes the distance". Hello... that is what we all want right? I really wish I would have read this book years ago... The first 7 chapters explain the importance of finding the one the right way. Craig is very open and candid with his story and testimony and he explains that he was the "player" in high school and college. He also explained how to break up with the "wrong" person and what not to do while dating... all things that would have been helpful in my younger years.

He emphasized order... Order matters, he states that "doing some things in the right order is essential for spiritual success". The very first priority that we should have is to Love the Lord as stated in Matthew 22:36-39. He goes on to say that without Jesus in first place {The One} the things that come next will never really work. This is why in my last post I mentioned Cam as my two and Christ as my One. That is the truth. I did not mean it in a rude or downgrading way...

Jesus is THE ONE! He is the person we should all reach out to FIRST. He is THE ONE and the ONlY ONE who will COMPLETE your soul. This really imprinted on my heart... I know that Jesus is ALWAYS the one we should call out to first, but in reality that is not what I always do. So, I have really been trying to do this more. I have been trying to turn to God first. He is THE ONE for me. He is also THE ONE for Cam. Jesus Christ is the ONLY ONE that is able to complete us.

We only love because He FIRST loved us. 1 John 4:19.

We have to receive His love before we can give any love to anyone. Craig says "His love must overtake you, envelop you, and fill you". I love this. Those words are so eloquent and truthful... seriously gives me chills.

The only way that I can fully love Cam is to fully love God. I must give Him my 100%...He wants all of it... Yall that is crazy... Our Lord wants all of me the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Back to the lesson about The Two... Craig explains that our commitment to the One and our commitment to our Two are "intricately bound together". Loving the One is critically important to finding happiness with your Two. And loving your Two is one of the best ways to love the One.

So maybe I did not do the whole order thing the right way... but I found my One and I have found my Two. The more I learn about Jesus and the more I become like Him the deeper I can love Cameron. I think that is the ultimate goal... To love like Jesus and to love Jesus.

I hope to write an additional blog post about the other important points in this book, but I feel like this one is the most important for me.

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