March 6, 2013

New Look

     I decided to finally sit down and try to figure out how to re-design this little blog here. Those birds and blue and yellow colors were not doing it for me anymore. Luckily I have some great friends to copy... ha! Also thanks to Pinterest and Google anyone can figure out how to do just about anything. Hope yall like the new look. It was fun and I am sure it will change again if I ever figure out how!

Baseball season has started... Actually started February 15th, I am a bit behind. I love baseball season for several reasons. (1) the sun... around this time the sun peaks out behind the winter clouds every now and then and it is awesome, (2) seeing family every weekend is fantastic, (3) eating good food every weekend is also fantastic :), (4) the crack of the bat... that sound really can put anyone in a good mood, unless that bat happens to be the other team, (5) seeing my love so happy and excited every day, and (6) baseball pants... 'nuff said :)

I also love that Cheryl (my future Mother-In-Law) takes these unbelievable pictures and shares them with me! Enjoy yall... Hope everyone is having a great week.

p.s the picture in the middle on the far right is my new favorite picture... I can just envision it on the wall of a baby boy's nursery in the very far away future ;)

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