October 29, 2015

It's a...

     We had our gender reveal party last Saturday the 24th over at my parents house. We invited our family and a few friends and it was just the perfect day. Cam's dad came over bright and early to our house to smoke the meat with Cam. He came with donuts and Starbucks in hand and as they were getting the fire going outside I was cozied up inside on the couch and a soft blanket. The boys were in charge of all the meat and the girls, mainly my mom, mother in law, and sister in law, were in charge of the rest. The menu included smoked pork shoulder, smoked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese, rolls, and of course pecan pie and banana pudding. It was delicious!

I had hoped we would be able to decorate and hang outside during the party, but the soggy weather kind of put a damper on those ideas. My sister did an amazing job of decorating and helping with the party and we stuck with a neutral fall theme for the decor. We had two different tables set up and a chalkboard where people could mark their guess.

The rain did hold off when it was time to do the reveal and it allowed us to stand outside to pop our confetti poppers. As soon as everyone had arrived we were all boiling over with excitement so we decided to pop those poppers right away! Cam wanted to be in charge of the surprise, so he is the only one who knew the gender. I had ordered a set of boy and a set of girl poppers just in case we didn't get the results in time, turns out we would have, but oh well. I ordered the poppers on Esty from the Gender Reveal shop and they turned out fantastic. The ladies at that shop were also very sweet and responded quickly to all of my questions.

On to the results...

and for some blurry I phone pictures! 

We are completely thrilled that Baby Mav is a girl and can't wait to welcome her into our family next year.

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