November 5, 2015

Weeks 13 & 14

Week 13

Baby:According to my app the baby is now the size of a kiwi. Saturday we found out Baby Mav is a SHE! All of her little organs are developing and the lungs are already practicing breathing.

Weight: I weighed in at 97 one morning this week so I guess I haven't technically gained much of any weight. My friend who happens to be an OBGYN told me my main goals were to sleep and eat because she thinks gaining weight will be one of my issues. I am curious to see how my body changes throughout this pregnancy.

Symptoms: I finally kicked my head cold to the curb and am feeling great. I noticed some stretching or weird tightening in my stomach Saturday while getting ready for the reveal, but that didn't last long. I have felt tiny little flutters and haven't really decided if that is in fact the baby or just my body. I can't wait to feel her kick in there!

Sleep: Sleeping is pretty good. I do find myself being more uncomfortable and of course this will only become more true as time goes on. I just have to move around a lot. I am waking up to pee about twice a night these days, which is the complete opposite of pregnant me. I have noticed that once I wake up to pee I have a hard time falling back asleep. I know those moments of sleep are going to be few and far between in the future so I am trying to enjoy all the times. When I am awake at weird hours in the night I can't help but think about how in the Spring I will be awake with my sweet baby girl and not just my pups.

Cravings/aversions: I am still not a big fan of meat, unless its a bbq rib or fried chicken. My appetite is growing though and I need to head to Walmart to stock up on new snacks and more healthy food. I still haven't had many cravings, but just really like the salty foods and my cereal.

Clothes: I wear sweats almost every day to work, which is awesome, so I haven't had the need to find maternity clothes. On the days when the belly is out I notice some of my sweats are tighter, but they haven't bothered me yet and  I feel like the belly fluctuates a lot throughout the day based on when and what I am eating.

Random: We are so excited that we are having a baby girl. I keep having to remind myself that she is a she and is going to be all mine. We are talking names, but so far Cam has vetoed all but one. I have always had a list of names on my phone that I have added to over the years and he is stuck on having a name that isn't common and no one he knows has it. Plus, he was team boy forever so I am not even sure he ever thought of girl names before reading our results. I have started a registry! Who knew a baby needed so many things!? Actually, as a nanny I knew what babies needed for the most part, but having your own is a game changer! I am so excited to go to BUY BUY BABY with Cam and test out all the strollers and baby things. So far I am registered online at Amazon and Target.

Doctor's Visit: We go back to the doctor at week 15. I did get a call from our doctor's office this week about our inheritance test results. I am a carrier for a gene mutation tyrosinemia and Cam has to be tested to see if he is also a carrier. I have read about this mutation and it is not something that I am choosing to worry about right now. I know God is in control and He will give us what we can handle. Plus, there is still a 1 in 100,000 chance the baby could be passed this gene mutation. We will know more about this after our doctors appointment in two Fridays. For now we are going to rely on God and continue to dream up all things baby!

Week 14

Baby: Baby girl Mav is the size of a peach according to one app and the size of lemon according to the other. She is about 1.5 ounces. She is moving and grooving in there although I can't yet feel it. Her kidneys are functioning and she is growing tiny little hairs. Baby girl still does not have a name, but we are getting closer to choosing. We have two that we both really like and I am having a hard to choosing something so important. The name we pick will be what she is called for the rest of her life, pretty crazy.

Weight: On my home scale I weighed 100.0 and we go to the doctor tomorrow for our 15 week check up.

Symptoms: I am feeling really good. I am still having weird breakouts, but my skin is becoming a little less crazy so thats encouraging. I have noticed I am super forgetful and have miss typed and miss read a handful of things at work and at home. Wednesday of this week I really felt like the bump was out in all her glory, but by Thursday it was back to normal.

Sleep: As soon as I hit the pillow I fall asleep, but am woken up throughout the night having to use the restroom or by my lovely dogs. I also have noticed that I seem to get hot at night and I am looking forward to our Texas temperatures dropping and staying low.

Cravings: I still choose salty food for the most part, but have been eating more sweets. Halloween candy has been dangerous as well as those little sugar cookies that are out at every holiday. I was really looking forward to eating at my favorite Italian restaurant Saturday and my sister and mom drove there to only find out they closed up. So, we drove 17 miles out of our way to the next Zio's. And yes it was just as good as I had hoped!

Clothes: I have noticed some of my favorite pj pants are getting tighter and will have to be retired soon.

Random: I am super anxious to start on the baby room and organize all the baby things!

Doctor's Visit: We head to the doctor tomorrow for our 15 week appointment and I am anxious to hear her little heartbeat again. I am also anxious to speak with our doctor about the inheritance findings and what to expect in the coming weeks. I am hoping that maybe they will surprise us with another ultrasound, but I will settle for a heartbeat either way!

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