October 13, 2015

Baby Mav Weeks 0-10

Oh, where to start! I still can't believe this is real life and I am writing my own pregnancy updates and not reading them on other people's blogs! This pregnancy has definitely not been as hard on me as it could be and for that I am thankful. I have found a huge respect for all the pregnant mamas out there. I hope to document each week of pregnancy for my own records to look back on and mostly because these are my favorite things to read on other blogs. I also plan on posting how we told our family and friends and other fun things. You can follow along by following the "Baby" or "pregnancy" tag!

With that being said pregnancy symptoms started right at 4 weeks. We found out we were pregnant on August 24th. That Monday I felt pretty good, just was in a bit of shock :) By Wednesday of that week I was experiencing serious cramping pain. This pain was waking me up in the middle of the night and would come and go throughout the night and morning. The cramping felt like extreme menstrual cramps and I kept watching for spotting, but never had any. Thankfully, God is good! My body was sore from cramping and I had noticed that the cramping could be brought on by me moving to quickly out of bed or stretching. 

5 weeks. This week the nausea kicked in right on schedule Monday morning. I was also still cramping throughout the night and morning so the morning sickness only escalated. This week is also when I started to notice all the food aversions. I have always been a fairly picky eater so I stick to plain jane foods, but I was not ready for this. Brushing my teeth in the morning was a task, I realized that if I waited a good while after eating I would not throw up my food, but would still dry heave. Coffee just smells and sounds gross to me so I haven't drank my morning coffee. Throughout the day I tried to eat saltine crackers and goldfish. We had my mom over for dinner one night this week and I tried so hard to eat and was not able to. I had her convinced I had a stomach bug. As you can see in the picture on the right I did lose some weight this week. My guesstimated starting weight before pregnant was 96 pounds and this week I weighed in at 93. I think mainly it was because I just couldn't eat. 

6 weeks. We have a doctors appointment this week! I noticed that on top of the all day sickness I have a weird metallic taste 24/7. I read that this could be to my body not absorbing the nutrients in my prenatal vitamins so I have only been taking one and plan to talk to the doctor about this. I have figured out that drinking pop settles my stomach so I been drinking fountain Dr. Pepper and Pepsi more often than usual. I still try to drink my water all day, as I do have a history of kidney stones. The exhaustion kicked in full force this week. I came home almost every day and took a nap on the couch and was in bed as early as I could be.

7 weeks. We visited the doctor for the first time on 9/11. We were able to get a sonogram and full work up with the OBGYN. I was nervous about picking a new doctor as I have never had an actual OBGYN. I ended up loving the whole office and staff! I also love how close the office is and the fact that the office is across the parking lot from the hospital. Another thing I loved about our visit was how clean everything was. During our appointment we were able to see the little heartbeat on the sonogram monitor and we were able to take home those beloved little pictures! Baby Mavs heart rate was 134 bpm, which I read could mean boy :) We told our family this week after the doctor visit! Boobs are so so sore this week and was exhausted all day every day.

Baby Mav! We think it looks like a little shark, apparently those are the arms forming.

two very excited parents to be after the first doctor visit!

8 weeks. Morning sickness has subsided and I have had days where I actually do not feel sick at all. I am still weird about what kind of foods I eat, but I am thinking it's do to them tasting and smelling weird than actually making me sick. I haven't been able to eat very much meat at all since finding out. I've been eating pizza and picking off the pepperoni and cheese, chips and queso, tortillas, and different crackers. I still have that metallic taste, but have been trying to eat different mints and gum to get rid of the taste and it seems to work for about 30 seconds. The exhaustion is still very there. I had been so tired when I slept that I would sleep so hard I wouldn't hear Cam come home or my dogs get up. However, the middle of this week I started having crazy dreams. So far I have had one dream where the doctor told me it was a girl. The other dreams have been crazy weird nightmares. One of the dreams involved Cam not being able to dial 911, don't worry I asked him about it later that morning. Brushing my teeth is still an iffy subject, but I have figured out that if I don't let the toothpaste or anything sit in my mouth or on my tongue too long I can survive the two minutes. 

9 weeks.

Weight: 96 pounds, which I am going to say was my starting weight, although I am not totally sure as I don't weigh myself very often. We did get a weight at the first doctors appointment, but the scale didn't equalize out and I was confused why the nurse left it be. I did notice that one pair of my jeans is a little more tight than usual, but I am not totally sure if it is because I dried them in the dryer twice before wearing them or not. I sometimes feel like a bump is showing up and then other times I feel totally normal.

Symptoms: Feeling much better this week. I have been able to eat more normally. I can drink water again without gagging and I can eat more than just goldfish. I am still pretty picky about what I eat and I have to be hungry to want to eat much of anything. I have noticed that if I wait too long to eat I feel really bad so I keep a snack on me at all times. The exhaustion has subsided a bit this week as well. The nausea and morning sickness has also gone away! Praise the Lord. I know I didn't have it as bad as some ladies, but I hate that feeling. Boobs are still super sore and I have noticed that they are in fact bigger, which is way weird as I have never had much of anything there. I have noticed that I have to pee more, but I am not sure if that is because I am trying to drink more liquids or if it is in fact my body changing. I was expecting to have more cramping this week and I haven't experienced that at all. 
Sleep: I am not sleeping as heavy as I had been the past few weeks. This week I have actually had a few nights when I am completely awake at about 3 am after letting my puppy out to pee and have a hard time falling back asleep. I also noticed that I keep getting super hot during the night. We haven't changed anything and its actually starting to cool off down here at night so I am guessing that is something pregnancy related.

Cravings/aversions: So far I haven't had any type of craving. I do choose salty over savory, but I did have my first piece of cake at my nieces 9th birthday and it was awesome! We also went to the Greek Food Festival this week and I enjoyed a Greek Shishkabob with the best pita bread and tzatziki sauce, I even at most of the chicken inside my pita. Meat in general has been a pretty big aversion as well as textures. Overall this week I have been feeling more "normal" as it's been great. 

Doctor's visits: we thought we were further along at the beginning so our first visit was actually right at 7 weeks and we get to go back at 11 weeks for another appointment, but not sure what to expect there. At our 11 week appointment we will be doing the panorama which means we will find out if Baby Mav is a boy or a girl!

10 weeks.
Weight: I only weighed myself once this week, and my weight has been known to fluctuate by a pound or two on the daily. But, I weighed in at 98 pounds this week on our home scale. I do have to admit that I am apprehensive to gain weight and become "bigger". But, with that being said I am super excited and so thankful that I am carrying a little human!

Symptoms: Feeling pretty normal this week. This has been the best week yet, minus feeling super exhausted Monday after a packed full weekend. The metallic taste has continued to decrease this week and I only notice it after certain foods. My breakouts are still crazy and maybe only getting worse. I am going to try a new regimen through Rodan and Fields soon and am crossing my fingers it helps. 

Sleep: Sleeping good this week. I haven't had any weird dreams and only have woken up when the pup needs out, which some nights seems like way too many times. Maybe he is just priming us for a newborn?

Cravings/aversions: I am loving salty things, specifically McDonalds french fries. I have eaten almost regularly and normal foods this week. 

Doctor's visits: We go to the doctor when I am 11 weeks for the panorama and to hear the heart beat!

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