October 28, 2015

Weeks 11 & 12!

The 11 weeks.

Thoughts:We went to the doctor this week and were able to hear the heartbeat! It was so cool to hear that. We also had the panorama blood test done so we have anxiously awaiting the results! Cam's plan is to read them and then keep it a secret from everyone and we will have the reveal Saturday the 24th.

Weight: I weighed myself on our home scalene morning and weighed 97. At the doctor I was 100 pounds even which is what they told me at week 7 as well.

Symptoms: I'm still having crazy breakouts, which are mostly just annoying. My allergies are bugging me this week and I think they've turned into a cold. I've had a sore throat and the whole bit for a couple days.

Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty well this week, minus my allergy issues.  I have to wake up to pee once anig

Cravings/aversions: I haven't had any cravings yet, but I haven't had many more aversions either! I'm still not a big meat fan but I'm getting better and I feel like my appetite is coming back.

Doctor's visits: We went to the doctor this week! We heard the heartbeat and all was well. We will know what this sweet babe is soon!

12 weeks:

Thoughts: Feeling super ready to find out if baby Mav is a boy or girl. I feel like it's a boy, either way I will be super excited.

Weight: I didn't weigh myself this week.

Symptoms: Pregnancy symptoms have subsided. I have noticed a tiny bit of cramping or more like stretching in my lower belly, but only a few times. I still have a terrible head cold, but finally have a normal voice and am not coughing up a lung.

Sleep: Not sleeping the best this week, but only because of this stuffy head cold.

Cravings/aversions: I think I had my first craving Saturday. I was dying for some cheese fries or buffalo chips from Buffalo Wild Wings. I have yet to get those, but I've definetly been eating salty things.

Doctor's visits: No doctor this week.

Random: We are having our gender reveal party Saturday!! I can not wait. Baby Mav technically went to his or her first arranger game this week and it was a brutal one. It was game three of the ALCS and we lost by way too much.

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