November 1, 2012

     Well... October is over November is officially here. This means that Christmas is just around the corner. I could do dream about Christmas time all year long. I could have Christmas decorations up, lights, the whole thing... I just love it! I love driving around looking at other houses. I love coming home to a house that is lit up and bright with beautiful lights and trees!...

BUT first... we need to finish the journey of the 2012 3-Day walk for the cure! I am so excited to finally be going to Dallas to walk with my family for the second time in a row! I will update on my instagram... I will also do a whole blog post when I am back. I hope to have a lot of pictures... this however is ALWAYS a challenge for me. I simply suck at taking pictures.
Back to the whole reason of this blog post... Remember that challenge I presented at the beginning of October? The whole wear pink every day thing. Well.... I kind of totally sucked at that too. I did however wear pink when I could. :) However, like normal I did not take any pictures... I blame this one the fact that I do not have a camera that takes good pictures. I mean the ancient I phone I have just does not cut it any longer and the Nikon cool pix camera I have will not even keep a charge long enough to take a picture. So, for now I am putting the blame on technology.

I think that this weekend will make up for not wearing pink every day because I will literally be drowning in pink! Susan G. Komen walkers and crew know exactly how cover the town in pink! I can not wait to hear the many amazing stories we will hear, meet new people, see all the smiling crew, and walk through the cheer stations!

Team Sporting Pink is coming for you Dallas!

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