October 24, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Meet the Flower Girls & Ring Bearer

     I am absolutely positive I have the BEST flower girls and ring bearer! Cam and I asked his oldest nieces and one and only nephew to participate in our big day and they said yes! These 3 babes are the cutest, sweetest, and funniest little things you will ever meet! They are the sweet babies of Ally and Jay. So, here you go world meet our Flower Girls and Ring Bearer

I mean really... Could they be any more perfect?

Camden- Flower Girl
Camden is 6 going on 16. 
This girl is drop dead gorgeous.
She is sweet and sassy.
She is fun. 
She is growing into the most beautiful little girl. 
She is an amazing big sister.
Cameron loves sharing his name with this little Cam :)
She is one special brown-eyed girl!

 Braelynn-Flower Girl
Brae is 3. She is blonde and absolutely beautiful.
Jay and Ally know how to make some pretty children! 
Braelynn is so sweet.
She love love loves animals.
She carries around about 5 different blankets 
and stuffed toys every where she goes. 
She is fun. 
She is so loving.
She can be a little fire cracker! 
Braelynn is just precious. 

Crayton- Ring Bearer

I had to use two pictures for this little boy because I just love both of these! 
Crayton just turned 2... He is about a foot taller every time we see him.
He also gets cuter every day.  
He is a little stinker. All boy.
He is happy. 
He is so funny.
He is a sweet-hearted little boy.
He has to-die-for brown eyes. 
His laugh... Like the one in that picture is music to your ears. 

I can not wait to see these three all dressed up. 
I am so blessed and honored to call them my nieces and nephew!

P.S. I also have a brand new niece named Adelaide... she is beautiful and perfect.
She will be at the wedding with her lovely Mama (my future sis-in-law).
I also can not wait to see her all prettied up for her Aunt B! :)

P.S.S. I just realized that one of the best parts about this wedding is going to be the family pictures! How cool is it going to be to look back and see how cute these four little babes were and how young and hot all of us "older" folk look! :) 

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  1. Of course I love this post too!! Thank you for loving my babies so much! This wedding is going to be SO.MUCH.FUN!