November 12, 2012


Today marks the 6 Week countdown to Christmas!
6 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks
   Ya hear that people, SIX WEEKS!!!

    Christmas time is my absolute favorite. Growing up my family always made a huge deal out of the holidays. My mom would have every inch of the house decorated, every window would have twinkly lights in them, and every room would smell like Christmas. Growing older I have learned to totally appreciate everything my mom and family has done for me. My Gram and Papa would come into town every year. Kenn and I have made Christmas cookies for Santa with my Papa for almost every year that I can remember. Our tree would look like it threw up presents... My dogs would get excited about opening presents. I can remember Kennedy I would wake up way to early in the morning and then right after we opened everything I would call Samantha and see what cool things she got! I cherish the traditions my family has started. I hope to continue these traditions with my future family. Its during these times that I wish I could be a kid again... Then again, I am also very glad I am old enough to understand the meaning behind the whole holiday.

I can not wait to decorate the house right after Thanksgiving. If it was up to me... I would probably decorate all year long. I just love coming home to a house light up by a big tree or driving down neighborhood streets and seeing every house decorated differently. It is just so much fun. 

I dream of the day when Cam and I have our own house to decorate together. He may not dream of this... He does not understand my love for Christmas decor, maybe one day he will. I can not wait to enjoy the little moments of this whole holiday season. I can not wait to spend time with my fiance and my whole family! 

I will have a huge bright tree in my home and my front door will look this awesome!

I can not wait to start traditions with our kids.

If you would like to put this sweet face under my tree I will not mind. :) 

I plan to make this nifty little craft this weekend... Hopefully it turns out :) 

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