November 16, 2012

My Friday Night

  Tonight I am linking up with Stephanie and Katie for the Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. link up party!

The fact that I am up at 11:30 pm is historic in itself.... But what I really wanted this post to be about was my Christmas crafts that I worked on tonight. I usually find tons of ideas of things to make and really get myself excited about making them and then suck at making them. I then spiral downward into a negative mess. I also have little patience when it comes to things I have to do that involve being creative...

Anyways... These crafts were fun and I love them! They also did not take 800 hours. Ok, they did take a while. I blame this on the fact that I was watching the movie Bridesmaids while crafting. I highly recommend this movie while doing anything. Hilarious!

Craft # 1: The Burlap Banner

I have been obsessed with every banner I have come across lately... This actually started in the summer. I made 8 banners for my bridesmaids and I still love them! I have been waiting to make a burlap banner that I have seen all over Pinterest and the blog world! Here is my Noel banner. It is not done yet because the paint was not dry and now I am tucked in my bed and unable to get up ;)

There is about 500 different tutorials on this project... The hardest part about this craft was cutting the burlap semi straight and outlining the stencil. Overall super easy!

Craft # 2: Glitter Reindeer and Snowglobes

This craft I found Pinterest... Where I find everything. Anything I ever do again will be from Pinterest is some way. It is a genius website. The original blog that this awesome project is from is from Daisy Dreaming. She is the one who also gives a tutorial on the snow globe mason jars! The Reindeer and Tree were also pretty easy to make. Disclaimer: do not do anything with glitter on your bed... You will have glitter for days!

The hardest part about this craft was cleaning up the glitter. I love how my gold reindeer turned out. I almost did not even buy the gold glitter thinking that I would not like it... good thing I did not listen to myself!

The snowglobes I originally saw on the Anthropologie website. They looked awesome and then I found the amazing DIY version on the Daisy Dreaming blog! I want to make more with different jars! I used two medium and one large for this project. The trees and the red ornament thing were found from Walmart. The next ones I make I want to put an ornament in! This is also one more reason to buy new ornaments! :)

Craft # 3: Burlap Ornament

This one is in the making... and by in the making I mean not started at all. MY craftiness left me at about 10 pm and my bed was calling my name! I do want to make these though and I do have the extra burlap. This particular tutorial is from the Beautiful Mess Blog... Stephanie is hosting a weekly link up party called "Saw it. Pinned it. Did it." and she featured this tutorial this week! As I said I have yet to do anything with this project but, Steph said that this one is pretty time consuming... but look how awesome those ornaments look!

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