June 6, 2012

My new obsession...

       Well, I have to confess I have quite a few obsessions and I continue to add to my list weekly. Today I have a new obsession... I absolutely love the song "Pontoon" by Little Big Town... Check out this video and then go buy the song on Itunes for $1.29 and then pretend you are on a pontoon... :)

   I also thought it was necessary to find floats on pinterest for my nonexistent pontoon boat and the lake trips that I have yet to be on. So here are some of my awesome finds! FYI all of these floats can be found at this link... You may also want to win the lottery before buying them. 

This is the nonexistent lake house I have... If you are reading this and you own this lake house please invite me over! I promise to be the guest houseguest (permanent houseguest) you've ever had :) 

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