June 18, 2012

Long time no see?

   Yall I am back... at least for a little while. I have been busy doing a whole lot of nothing and I have not had time to sit down and write everything that I have wanted to write. I think I left yall talking about my love for drummers and my extreme excitement for The Brothers of The Sun Tour.

Let me tell ya the boys did not disappoint! We did not get to the Cowboys Stadium in time to see Jake Owen, but we did see Grace Potter & The Nocturnals... That girl has some spunk! Tim McGraw was also a sight to be seen... Probably the only man ever to walk the Earth that looks amazing in white jeans! Kenny was also a great show. I think each and every one of you should add seeing these guys in concert to your bucket list. I also suggest the Cowboys Stadium as your preferred venue... Seriously Jerry Jones knew what he was doing when he had that place built! Sorry for the lack of quality in all of these pictures, but here are a few that I think you will enjoy. :) 

p.s I may or may not have added Tim McGraw to my list of obsessions... 
Faith you are one lucky lady!

p.s.s Priscilla thank you so much for inviting me to this concert with you! I love that every time I hear one of these songs I am going to picture standing in the Cowboys stadium with you! Also, let your boyfriend, Albert, know my great appreciation for his dislike in country music :) 


  1. Great pics! Wish I could have seen this concert!!

    1. We need to go to a concert! They were awesome!