June 8, 2012

Fun Friday!

    Today is Friday and I am so excited! This time last week I was heading out to the Nickelback concert in a limo... because I am that cool. Ha! No, but really we were in a limo and I was with my parents and their friends it was pretty awesome. This was my second time seeing Nickelback and I liked them even more this time around! Those boys can play! Touring with Nickelback was Seether, My Darkest Days, and Bush. My favorite performance other than Nickelback was Bush... Gavin Rossdale (the lead singer for Bush) ran through the whole AA center! The funniest part was watching his body guard chase after him. Anyways, I am totally in love with Daniel... The drummer for Nickelback! I would show you the pictures I took, but they are no good. I phone 3 is not going to cut it for me much longer... 

    Hopefully tomorrow I remember to bring a real camera because I am going to The Brothers of The Sun Tour!!!!!! It will be Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Jake Owen, and Grace Potter! So excited! One of my best friends, Priscilla, texted me last week about going with her and her mom! I am so excited I can hardly wait for Saturday afternoon! 

Priscilla is on the right in this pic... She was my roommate at OSU and we have been friends since middle school! :) 

I am done babbling now. I hope yall have a great weekend! 

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