November 12, 2015


In September I started going to Bible Study Fellowship with my mother-in-law Cheryl and mutual friend Melissa. If you are interested in BSF I encourage you to check out their site and read up on their mission. This is my first year going to BSF and my first time ever doing a true in depth study of the bible. Yes, I went to bible study in college, but this study forces you to delve deep into His word. I was and still am intimidated, but every Monday evening I leave with a good feeling and something learned. 

Last Monday was especially convicting. 

The speaker started out the discussion by using an analogy between dogs and people. And if you know anything at all about me it is that I love dogs. 

She went on to say that God wants us to love people. He wants us to love people even more than dogs! I kind of felt my heart sink. 

I often times joke that I like dogs more than most people. Dogs have so many good qualities. They are loyal to the core. Dogs give best bear hugs. They give you unconditional love. They are always there for you. Dogs are always happy. My dogs will be just as excited to see me if I am having the worst day or the best day. They don't care if I come home a hot mess. Dogs do not hold grudges. They do not argue, although they sure can be stubborn. Dogs do not get mad at you for going on a shopping spree. Heck, they don't even get mad at you for being gone all day and leaving them home alone. They look out the window and wag their little tails or bodies like crazy as soon as your car pulls up into the driveway. 

That little statement got me thinking about how much more God wants me to love people. He is not telling me to love dogs less He is just telling me to love people more. 

Jesus showed love to everyone. His love is a lot of the love of dog's that I talked about earlier. He loves no matter what and all the time. 

Y'all, people are hard to love. People can be mean and snarky. People are rude. People can be hateful. 

BUT, if we want to have a heart like Jesus we have to show those people love. 

This is going to be a life long lesson for me, but it is a great reminder. God's people are His treasure. He treasures each of us. What makes us think that we shouldn't treasure each other if He thinks so highly of us? It is just crazy. 

So instead of holding on to my anger or sadness or whatever I may be feeling I am going to try to show people love every time. I am not going to hide my feelings, no I don't think that is what He wants either. He wants us to love despite all the feelings. 

Next time my husband walks in the door I am going to try to be there jumping up and down with my dogs at the door. And I am going to try to show him love when we both have had bad days because sometimes all a person needs it a little pat on the back or scratch of the ear... wait that's just a dog huh? :) 

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