April 8, 2015


     Easter is a special holiday. It is a holiday that should be celebrated daily, but as life happens it sometimes does not. Easter brings GREAT news! The tomb is empty and our Christ is Risen! He is alive!

This Easter we took Griffey on his first road trip to west Texas for a family reunion. We ate way too much candy... I may or may not be still eating that. I was able to love on almost all of my babies, only missing my Oklahoma babies! We ate good food. Told old stories. Laughed. Had fun. Dyed eggs. Hunted eggs. Had a water gun fight. 

Being an Aunt is the best! I really don't know what I would do without those babies. They bring so much joy and light into life. The sacrifice Jesus made for me almost unimaginable. He died on the cross for me! Thankful is the understatement of the year. I am so grateful for this life He has given me. 

Maddyn has the best expressions!

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