July 2, 2014

Welcome July!

    July... my second favorite month, the first being December (duh)! The month of July is always full of fun and exciting events. To me July also marks the beginning of the REAL summer.... ya know hotter than hot, full of pool time, grilling outside, and family fun. Although, North Texas has not actually had a 100 degree day yet I know they are coming and I would be lying if I said I was not excited. Call me crazy, but I love it.

July this year is packed full of fun and exciting things.

- Baby Mav (Niece # 5) will make her arrival any day now!
- 4th of July!
- High school best friend is getting married!
- I will celebrate my 23rd birthday
- We are taking a family trip to Cabo with some of Cam's family. This year will be different than any other year before because only a few of us are able to have time for vacation this year. We will miss those who are not there, but are going to have a stinkin blast!
- Cam & I will celebrate our first year of marriage!
- More birthdays... my Papa, Cam's dad, my cousin, TATUM!, brother-in-law, Aunt Cathy, my other cousin and probably more that I am just blanking on!
- Lots of pool time
- Loving on both my new baby nieces!
- Spending time at the lake

I love July and am so glad it is here! Now if it would just not speed by so fast that would be perfect!

Maddyn... killing us with cuteness

Eagle Mountain Lake... we plan on spending many days out there

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