July 29, 2014

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

   Hard to believe we have been married a whole year! I feel like since we just got back from Cabo that we didn't need to do any extravagant celebrating here. In Cabo we were able to take some pictures on the beach thanks to Cam's wonderful mom! I love these pictures and can't wait to put one on a big canvas. Now we just need more wall space in our tiny apartment.

I posted this picture on Instagram... Who knows what we were telling him to do, but this is a typical Cam face that we get often & I know it will be the face I get from mini Cams in the future.

So, our weekend was pretty low key and exactly what we needed. Cam surprised me last month with a brand new camera so that was a combined gift and I didn't expect him to get me anything else! However, he did go with the paper theme for year 1 and got me two different anniversary cards and two bouquets of pretty flowers! I was at a loss for what kind of paper to get cam. I finally came up with an idea one that I had hoped he would enjoy. I got him a 8x10 signed picture of Chris Davis- his favorite baseball player. I also ordered him a Chris Davis shirt, but failed to notice that it was a size large in YOUTH! Sorry Cam!

The only thing I requested for our anniversary was to go eat breakfast somewhere after sleeping in! He delivered... We found this new breakfast place not too far from our apartment. I ordered French Toast & bacon and Cam order the Texas breakfast, both were amazing! Actually we liked the place so much that we went back Sunday after church with Cam's parents!

When we got home from church Cam & I took some pictures holding up a wedding photo. I had seen this on some other blogs and thought it was a cute way to document the years... who knows if we will be able to keep up with it! We took our best self-timer photos and I think I am going to request a tripod from Santa this year.

We also tried our wedding cake (it was actually the top of his groom's cake). I have to say it smelled pretty good and held up fairly well in the freezer. BUT.... I will not be eating anymore of it. That one bite of old cake was good enough for us! I put our left over cake toppers on top that I had saved and had planned on using our wedding forks, but turns out when  you don't use silver for awhile and have it put up it tarnishes. Bummer

This first year of marriage was fun, exciting, trying, full of love, and laughter. I am so grateful for my husband. He is truly my best friend and the person that can make me smile even when I want to strangle him. I dream of our future together and can't believe I am lucky enough to be his!

2013 was a big year and I can't wait to see where 2014 takes us!


  1. Happy anniversary!! So sweet of him to surprise you with the flowers and LOVE the pictures from Cabo!!!!