August 4, 2014

Weekend Update

   Monday already?! I always feel like I sleep the best on Sunday night right around the time I am going to hear my alarm go off. It kind of sucks, but what did not suck was this weekend!

Wednesday our nephew who is 3 decided he wanted to have his first sleep over with us and it was a total success! We had Boomerjacks for dinner, picked out some new pjs and spiderman underwear at Walmart. He also got a new Ninja Turtle blanket and some ice-cream and he thought he was pretty cool. We swam and then we all fell asleep watching Cars! He was so much fun and we loved that he wanted to spend time with just us!

& melt my heart!

Friday Cory & Amanda decided it was time for them to have a couple hours by themselves and asked Cam and I to babysit Tatum! I obviously said YES in .3 seconds. Tatum was perfect the whole time they were gone... even if it was just 2 hours. We loved having that alone time with niece number 5! Holding a sweet baby and having them fall asleep in your arms may be the best feeling in the entire world. Thank you Tatum for letting us love on you!

Saturday was the perfect sleep in day and Cam & I actually got kind of bored while being lazy. I made the best peach cobbler from a family friend's fresh peach tree! We had a big family dinner at the Mavs for all the July birthdays and I managed to take absolutely no pictures... turns out it is hard to take you eyes away from the pretty baby girls you are holding!
Tatum is on the left and Maddyn is on the right.
Tatum was 3 weeks old & 9 lbs Maddyn was 6 weeks old & 8.8 lbs! 

Sunday Cam & I went to church came home and laid around the house for a while before we decided it was time to head out to the lake. We spent about an hour and a half deep cleaning the boat... it was gross y'all... and there were tons (I mean tons) of spiders! I only screamed twice and Cam only rolled his eyes about 5 times throughout that hour and a half. When the boat was nice and clean Cam's parents showed up and we took it for a spin. We hung out at a beach area and Deuce loved being able to jump on and off the boat into the water and sand. He peed approximately 10 times on the surround grass and rolled around trying to get every ounce of sand he could on him. On the way in to the docks we grabbed dinner at the Spot and Deuce passed out on the concrete... life is rough for a four legged mutt.  It was a perfect Sunday and I am counting down the weekdays until next weekend!

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