January 8, 2014

My Bridals

    I took my bridals in May of 2013 in Fort Worth. My photographer, Akisha, was the same person who took our engagements and wedding pictures. She is from George Street Photo and Video and I would recommend them to everyone that I know. Seriously, amazing people work for that company! I had my hair and make up done by the same girl that did them at the wedding as well. She went to high school with me and now works at the cutest shop in downtown Fort Worth. I brought my mom and mother-in-law a long. They enjoyed chatting it up and tearing up! It was grey and rainy pretty much all day... talk about nervous. I put my dress on in my mother-in-laws car half way in and half way out, in the rain! I was so worried that my hair and make up were going to literally melt off my face, Texas humidity is a killer. But, when time came to actually take pictures the sun came out and the clouds went away!

I love all of my pictures... Love my dress and wish I could relive the day all over again. I dream of the day that I get to share these pictures with my children and grandchildren. I hope these memories stick with me for eternity. Here are a few of my most favorite... If you are contemplating taking bridals or not I definitely vote yes! It really helped to relieve some of the stress on the wedding day AND you get to wear your dress so... win win!

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