January 29, 2014


Today I decided I wanted to blog... maybe because I wanted to procrastinate... maybe because I really just wanted to write. We will never know... I chose to use Sometimes Sweet Currently Prompt.

Reading: Oh, I'm in the middle of three books. I have been reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich and can't get myself to find the time to finish them. Over Christmas break I read up to book 18 and am somewhere in the middle. I am also reading Lone Survivor. Wow. Heart breaking. Really... every emotion is entwined in that book. I watched the movie and immediately started reading the book and researching Navy Seals and Marcus Lutrell and the many other amazing men. Such an inspiring amount of faith and hope that man has.
Doing: I should be reading one of the twelve books I have been given for this semester. I should also be scoring assessments, but I am blogging and day dreaming about the future. I have currently been wrapped up in how to decorate the kitchen... definitely going with white cabinets! I am in LOVE with this little kitchen here. :)

Excited for:Valentines day and a sweet Friday night with the hubs. I have really been wanting to decorate for valentines, but with the 600 square foot apartment I feel like it doesn't work. So I have been imagining these pretty letters, garland, and pallet wood in my living room! I am also excited for the Baby O reveal on the 8th. Ally (oldest sister) is going with the "Baseballs or bows?" theme and I can't wait to find out there is a little baseball in there! ;)

Happy about: lately I have been trying to remind myself to be happy about everything in general. My God is greater than any problem that life can throw my way. I am also super happy that Baby Mav (not mine remember...) is a girl! We had the gender reveal party last weekend and I wore my pink scarf because my guess was baby girl. Cory and Amanda chose to find out with all of us so it was a big surprise for everyone. They had one black balloon and had it filled with pink confetti! They popped it and pink glitter and confetti fell out and everyone screamed! Baby Tatum Brooke Mavroulis your aunt can not wait to meet you !!! :) Now I am ready to throw a baby shower!

Random: I am super bitter that North Texas did not get ANY snow! Y'all.. back in December we got 4 inches of straight ice and it did not quench by snow thirst! Looking at the pictures from all over Georgia and Alabama is making me so jealous! I just want one really pretty snow day!... ok you're right I want about three days off of work and school. On the flip side I am also ready for summer. 98 degrees and sunny is my kind of weather! I seriously need a tan. 


  1. Lone Survivor was amazing, right??? I loved it! P.S. I love your pink scarf with that top. So cute :) YAY for a baby girl!

    1. Yes! So, so good! Thank you so much :) We find out this weekend what the other sister is having! I am hoping for boy!