January 6, 2014

Here's to you 2014

    I have high hopes for 2014. So far our family knows we will be adding TWO babies to the mix... That's right, added two wives in 2013 and 2 babies in 2014. Nope not mine... don't go getting too excited. :) Two of my sister-in-laws found out they were preggo within a week of each other! Cam and I will celebrate a year of marriage in July. We are planning on going to Cabo, Colorado (hopefully twice), and maybe even a cruise! Two of my best friends will graduate college and hopefully move back home! In 2014, if plans go as expected, I will complete a FULL year of grad. school.

And y'all... that is only the start of what we are expecting in 2014. It's going to be a good one. I hope I can keep up. Speaking of keeping up... I have compiled a list of 4 major goals this year.

1. I really need to focus on His word. I really really slacked this past year... guilty and shameful. However He has redeemed me and I can keep not trying! Thank you Lord! I want Your heart. 

2. Date my husband... self-explanatory. We Me really get caught up the day to day activities and school that I forget to make time for him. Yep... pretty pathetic. So, in 2014 I hope to go one at least one date per month with my husband! I want to make at least one day a week and be available to him all day long... no school work, no real work, and no worry... We will see how that goes. I am horrible at letting go of things. 

3. Take the time to be present... I spend so much time dreaming of the future and worrying that I forget to even be thankful for the present time. I want to work on being completely present in those important moments and unimportant moments. I want to take time to "smell the roses". I want to spend less time worrying about things that are completely out of my control. 

4. Take more pictures... Hello I am the world's worst at taking pictures and being in pictures. I love looking at pictures so I don't know where I get lost in the idea of not taking them! I am going to use my fancy I phone camera and my little Sony... hopefully will be able to buy one of those fancy cameras in 2015! 

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