January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

       2013 you were one of the best years yet! So much happened over this last year, it is a little overwhelming to even think about. You were full of joy, happiness, accomplishments, and fun.

January started in Colorado, Winter Park to be exact, and I am happy to say we are back again, but in Wolf Creek! Cory (brother-in-law #3) proposed to his girlfriend on this day last year. I continued working as a nanny for the sweetest family and cutest little boy. I started my last semester of undergrad.

February was the start of Cam's last ever baseball season. We spent many hours at the baseball field and many of those hours were freezing and filled with snow! Oklahoma experienced a crazy winter season in 2013. Weekends were full of time spent with Cam's parents and their new puppy!

March was the month I got into graduate school at Texas Woman's University. It was also the month my childhood best friend's family sold their house in my parent's neighborhood... It was a growing experience for all. My sister and her friend came to Oklahoma to visit and see a few of Cam's games.

April was the month I wrote a post about being Baptized and my choice in accepting Christ as my Savior. It was also a month of continued wedding planning and trying to complete the last few weeks of undergrad work.

May was graduation month. It was a month of huge change... I tried to the whole blog every day in May thing and did better than I had expected.  It was also full of exciting times at work, Baby B was on the move and doing new tricks every day! I tried to take as many pictures with his as possible and enjoy my time with him because I knew it was coming to an end way to soon. Cam's baseball team made it to the regional tournament. I took my bridal portraits in Fort Worth with my mom and mother-in-law. There was a horrible tornado this month that hit Moore, Oklahoma only 30 minutes away from where I was living at the time. We celebrated our middle niece's 4th birthday.

June I moved back to Texas and had to say bye to Baby B... It was a bitter sweet ride back home. The 25th of this month marked one whole year since Cam had proposed to me and was only a month away from our wedding. The Mav-O summer vacation was in South Texas at Garner State park. We enjoyed camping, the rain, and floating the river.

July was wedding month! I spent my time at the pool as much as possible trying to soak up all the sun. We saw Tim McGraw, Brantley Gilbert, and Love and Theft in concert. We attended Rangers games and were able to watch our BFF pitch at the Roughriders stadium.We completed all wedding planning tasks and decoration makings. We had the most perfect Wedding week ever and honeymooned in the U.S. Virgin Islands! I am SO ready to go back!

August was a total blur. We got back from our honeymoon and moved into an apartment together. We both went back to work and then Cam had to go to Oklahoma to have major surgery. He had to have disc replacement surgery and it was one of the scariest things I have seen to date. Seeing the man you love and the man that is always the strong one and the one that never breaks be broken was rough. We celebrated our nephews 3rd birthday. I also started Grad school this month and it was crazy. I spent most of my time reading and studying... It was tough learning to balance, work, life, school, and work.

September was a continued blur.It is the month of birthdays and we were able to celebrate with everyone, except my gram,we had to celebrate grams birthday in October. Cam, our niece, turned 7 and we drove to Abilene to surprise our bff Rodge for his birthday. In that same weekend we drove to Oklahoma to celebrate our other niece's 1st birthday. I started recapping our wedding and have yet to finish...

October we celebrated Cory and Amanda's wedding! Continued school, work, and trying to enjoy life. I basically didn't blog from August until January. We received our wedding video and pictures all this month and I think I looked at them every day all day for a solid week.

November was yet another wedding... this time in Lubbock. It was also birthday month for my mom and the beloved start of the holidays! We celebrated Thanksgiving three times, it was glorious as always. I put our tree our before Thanksgiving, but held off putting the ornaments on until after Thanksgiving. Our first tree was perfect for our little apartment, but I look forward to the day when I can have one big 10 footer and multiple minis all around.

December marked the end of my first semester of grad school and I am happy to say I came out alive. It was the most difficult thing I have completed to date, and it was not without fault and complications. We celebrated Christmas with the O's the week before Christmas and we made Santa cookies with the littles and opened presents... Spending time all together is always the greatest, never a dull moment with this family! Christmas Eve was spent with the Mavs, the Okies couldn't make it down, but we enjoyed the company of those who were with us. Christmas Day we spent with both sets of my grandparents and my parents, sister, and family friends. We also had a third Christmas in Abilene celebrating with Cam's Paw Paw. Christmas time is my favorite time of the year and I am always sad to see it go. At the end of the month we headed to Colorado for a week of snowboarding and spending time in a cabin with the Mavs and Os. We rang in the New Year by all being asleep by 10:30 pm :)... Pretty perfect year if I do say so myself.

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