October 10, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Registry

     Registering online for stores is probably the most dangerous thing of all time...
Ok, maybe not. But for real this is so fun! I am loving it. I still really want to go to the stores so Cam can use that gun thing... everyone keeps saying we have to do that. 

Registering is fun for many reasons. Before we got engaged Cam and I never really talked about the future. Yeah, we knew we wanted to be in each others' future and "someday" we would get married and blah blah blah... But Cam decided to surprise the heck out of me in June... If you have not read that you should over here... So, now that we are engaged we are actually talking about the future. I could probably talk and dream about our future all day everyday. I kind of do... With the help of pinterest I have mentally decorated our whole house. You know, the one we do not have. We also have no idea where we will be living after we are married. Cheryl we may be in your back yard... just kidding. But really. :) 

Target and Bed Bath and Beyond are the two places we are registered at so far. Here are some of my favorites that we have picked out so far. 

These aps on my phone are dangerous!

Fitz & Floyd Pitcher

Rachel Ray Casserole with lid

CAN NOT wait to put this is Deuce's corner :) 

Apothecary Jar

Rachel Ray hard enamel cookware set

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Fiesta plates and set... in Scarlet, Sunflower, Tangerine, and Peacock

I am currently obsessed with finding pieces to decorate and organize our house with... hence the ceramic pitcher and apothecary jar... I have also picked out some awesome organizing things. I figured I would not bore you with these things though. Cam picked out the blue cookware set. I love these Fiesta plates. I also have only heard good things about them! I told Cam I was trying to step out of my box and embrace color... These plates are my starting point. He is awesome and lets me register for anything I want... Only problem is I think he might have a problem when I start registering for Christmas stuff... I am going to have a serious problem withholding throughout the upcoming holidays. :) 


  1. Registering is SO fun!! Seriously-- go to a store! Target is amazing. You'll go crazy with the gun, but who cares. And register for a TV-- our friends registered for one thinking no one would get it and low and behold it's in their living room today. Lucky ducks!

    You can't go wrong with fiesta ware. I want some so badly! You guys are on the right track!! Can't wait until you can decorate your own home :) We should go thrifting together and find some new treasures for your little place!!

    1. Oooo yes kimber! Thrifting is a must... And I have no idea how to find stuff. Teach me your ways! :)