October 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Meet The Men
     I am totally aware that today is in fact Friday and not Wednesday. I started this post Wednesday and am just now finishing it...

Cam knew exactly who he wanted to be his groomsmen immediately after we got engaged. He has some of the world's best friends. He is even lucky enough to call some of these bfs his brothers! I am blessed to be able to also call them my friends. These men are the sweetest, big-hearted, and funniest people that I know. Most of these guys are part of Cam's family so I have already introduced yall to them in the "Meet The Family" post! Here you go world... Meet the Men!  

Josh-Best Man

Josh and I have actually known each other since middle school. Pretty sure he went with Cam and I on our first "date". Cam and Josh met in high school.  They played baseball and football together all through high school. They basically were BFFS at first sight! They even went to junior college together. They are both at separate colleges now but it does not matter how much space there is that when they are together it is like they were never separated. Josh is funny, super kind, caring, and an amazing friend. He is also an amazing baseball player... I tell him all the time that when he makes it big Cam and I will be joining him wherever the game takes him! He usually laughs it off... little does he know I am dead serious :) 

Rodge-Best Man

Rodge is Cam's other BFF... Cam, Rodge, and Josh are kind of like the Three Musketeers, but cooler. Rodge also played football and baseball with Cam all throughout high school. Rodge is continuing his baseball career at ACU in Abilene. Rodge is so funny. He is smart. He is also an over all amazing friend. He has this loud, outrageous laugh that brightens up any room. What is even cooler about these two Best Men... they let me be there BFFS too! :) If you get these guys together you are sure to have a good time. 


I introduced yall to Cory in the Meet the Family post... He is still the funniest, biggest-hearted man that you will ever meet. He is THE life of every party... Can not wait to hear about Cam's bachelor party! If you want to read more nice comments about him go see this post... :) 


Coby is Cam's oldest brother... He also was introduced in the Meet the Fam post! 
He is now an official father to a beautiful baby girl! We love her. We love him. :) 
Coby is the big brother. He is always there for support. Cam really looks up to this man. 


Jay is Cam's brother-in-law... He is hilarious just like all these other boys. Jay is hardworking and determined. Cam really looks up to Jay as well. These guys get together and laugh all day long. Jay also can memorize every line in every movie... Not kidding. Cam, Jay, and the other brothers can recite Anchorman word-for-word!


Sam is Coby and Ally's other brother, but Cam views him as his other brother as well. Sam is funny. He is super nice. He always is happy. He always has a smile on his face. I bet your thinking that when this whole family is together it is crazy... You would be correct! :) 


Caleb and Rodge were actually best friends throughout high school. Throughout the years Caleb and Cam have grown closer and closer. He played baseball and football through out high school with Cam. Caleb is a firefighter... pretty awesome. He is smart. He is hilarious. Caleb is super nice.


Jim and I actually grew up together. He has been my neighbor since 2nd grade. Jim is the one who introduced Cam and I. He played football with Cam in high school. Jim is one of a kind. He is intelligent, hilarious, kind, witty, and awesome. He is always there for anyone who needs him. He has a huge heart. Jim is the guy to go to when you need some reassurance or advice. 

P.S. each of these men have some very lucky ladies that I cut out of their pictures... sorry ladies this one was all about the men! :) 

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