September 22, 2012

11 Years...

     A lot can happen in just eleven years... it is a number that sounds so big, but yet so small. Eleven years ago today I was only 10. I was in Elementary school and had a handful of really good childhood friends... I can remember running around the neighborhood without a care in the world.

11 years ago we still had Tesa, my first love and dog. 11 years ago my Uncle Jack was still here... He had given me a pig that I proudly named Harley hog. My Uncle Jack was my Papa's younger brother and he loved me just as his own granddaughter. He was cool, fun, and loving. I miss him. 

11 years ago today my dad was out of town with his friends for a bike rally. On this same day we received a call from him that would turn our tiny world upside down. I can remember my little sister and I were getting ready for our big game... youth association football and cheerleading is big time in Texas. :) 

I remember my mom breaking down in tears and panic... My dad and his friend had just gotten in a motorcycle accident and were in the hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. Of course the first thoughts that rush into your mind when you hear this information are the worst. Kenn and I were sent to the neighbors and my mom and Gram took the first flight to Arkansas to see my dad. 

After a couple days in the hospital, thousands of stitches, a new jaw, bruises, and scrapes my dad came home. Swollen face and everything, he came walking through the garage with half a smile on his face... the doctors had to repair all the nerves in the right side of his face, they were still not "working" properly. I have never been more thankful to have my dad home. In my ten year old mind I was not sure he would ever look the same... his face was swollen 3 times its normal size he was wearing a hospital gown and he was black and blue. Eventually with God's healing (I did not know he was there at the time... but I sure do now) my dad is just fine. He and his friend were the lucky ones that day 11 years ago... I am forever thankful for all of the nurses and doctors that worked on my dad and his friend. 

I wrote this blog post to remind every one to not only remind your loved ones that you care, but also to inform. I want you all to be more aware of all the drivers on the road. This accident would not have happened if the truck and trailer had been paying close attention to the road that day. Like I said my dad was the lucky one, but there are many more that are not so lucky. 

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  1. Sweet, sweet post. My favorite part is you saying you now know God was there. I love you so much sweet girl!