August 20, 2012

Who Knew...

     I have survived my first day of senior year.... Yes. I said it SENIOR year. Cam has yet to start his last year because he is one of those college kids who only has class on Tuesday and Thursday... Yeah he is pretty smart.

    So I have been finishing up the last of my Bridesmaids gifts... Hopefully by Friday I will be able to blog about how I asked each of them... Until then I will tell you that there are 5 Bridesmaids, 1 Maid of Honor, and 2 Honorary Bridesmaids. They will in fact be the prettiest bridal party you have ever seen. I also have THE 2 cutest Flower Girls and Ring Bearer or all time. Cam has yet to ask his Groomsman so we will be waiting to hear from them a little bit longer... 

    Anyways, who knew that finding a place to get married would be so hard. I never knew that there was so much stuff that went into planning a wedding. I mean you have to literally think of everything. Obviously every bride wants there wedding to be beautiful and memorable for everyone. I definitely want that... I also want it to represent Cam and I. I think we are pretty simple folk who genuinely love being with our family and friends... We are even lucky enough to have a handful of friends that have become family. We want everyone to be involved in our wedding and everyone to have fun. I think that is one of the most important things... FUN.

    So, with that said I am trying my best to calm my crazy nerves and to not stress out. It has all been so fun so far, even with the little bit of stress I have encountered. I know I have way more stress in the future, but I am going to take one of my friends' advice and "remember its my big day and that I need to enjoy every second of it". Thank you Sarah for reminding me weekly about this.

    I was going to give yall some ideas about how I am thinking I want our wedding to look, but I just decided that I want to start this new thing.... WEDDING WEDNESDAY! From this week on every Wednesday I will post tidbits about this whole wedding planning thing. :) 

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