August 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

      This is the first official Wedding Wednesday post. So far I have yet to do much planning for this wedding, but I do have some good ideas. So instead of talking about each of these different ideas I am just going to post pictures... You will get the gist. I am going for the natural light, simple, yet elegant look. Also all DIY and cheap but not ugly look.

    I am really liking the mismatched bottles for the tables. I love flowers... So I would like to have those every where. I also am loving the burlap table runners that Ally found on Pinterest, especially with our monogram on them... I am also thinking that I could have my crafty sister and gram work on these. :)

   I also really like the wood painted signs... I feel like they are a personal touch that I could do.

   Oh and that ceremony picture... I could die. I am loving that. If only I could have my wedding in that exact spot!


  1. Love it all and of course you already know...I AM SO EXCITED!

  2. I love everything! Especially the sunflower bouquet. That is SO you.

  3. Oh I love all these ideas! And you know you can get sunflowers easily. Just have Hannah and Kennedy go by the railroad tracks or in the back yard and get them. :)