August 25, 2012

If any of you are like me...

  • You would know that Christmas is just 4 little months away!
  • You love Christmas lights and everything to do with them.

  • You would have already browsed the Hobby Lobby isles filled with new Christmas decorations... May or may not have done this twice already. 
  • Even though you love summer you are yearning for winter time...

  • You would want a different tree in each room of the house... Maybe even two in each room. 

  • Your dream would be to get on that show on TLC "Extreme Christmas Lights"

  • You would have already spent a whole afternoon... or more... pinning Christmas ideas. 
  • You would have already thought about each gift to buy your loved ones... but really have not already bought them and those ideas will probably change in these 4 upcoming months.

  • You would really like to skip to November for Thanksgiving and then onto December for the 25 days of Christmas
  • You would watch Christmas movies all year long... 
  • You would also light Christmas scents around your house... like Cinnamon. mmm
  • You would also already have a "top" craft to make for Christmas this year... Thanks to none other than the lovely site of Pinterest

  • You would look forward to making cookies with your Gram and Papa... Every year since I can remember I have sat on the counter and made sugar cookies with my Papa. 

  • You would love Christmas for many reasons, but the most important would be because it is a time family is all together. 

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