January 20, 2012


So, I have been contemplating what to write this blog post about all week. After many trial and errors I decided I wanted to introduce the blog world to two of the people in my life that I admire the most. These two important people are the people who started the Hayes family. They are my Gram Cookie and Papa Jay. Everyone always says they have the best grandparents in the world, but I seriously think they are the best that there ever was! My Papa is the most lovable and friendly man that I ever have met and I believe that I ever will meet. He does not know a stranger (seriously everyone knows him) and he never has anything but nice things to say about everyone. My papa also shares a close bond with animals, I would like to think that he is where I got my deep love of animals. My papa has always had animals and growing up I was lucky enough to watch my Papa care for all types of animals. When I say all types I mean like pigs, chickens, cows, horses, cats, goats, you name it my Papa has cared for them. He is the reason I love all animals. He is the type of man who does anything and everything for the people they love. The cool thing about my papa is that he loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! My papa has taught me the meaning of love, not only what it means to love family, but what it means to love your dogs. :) He is an absolute lover of dogs! Just like me. Nothing makes me more happy than to say I am like my Papa!

My Gram cookie is just like she sounds, as sweet as a cookie! These two are a perfect match for each other and they have created the man that I proudly call my dad. My gram is loving, sweet, perfect, and every other adjective out there. My gram is the type of grandma that everyone around also calls gram. She has taught me so many things and I know I will continue to learn from her. My gram is the BEST gram there is! I said earlier that my gram and papa are a perfect match for each other because both of them absolutely LOVE their family. I admire these two for many reasons. The biggest reason that I admire these two people is for their gigantic amount of love for their family. I aspire to be as loving, caring, and nurturing as these two people. I aspire to be as great of a person as these two are. I aspire to one day (in a long long long time) to be as GREAT of a grandparent as they have been to me! I admire my Gram and Papa because they are simply AMAZING. These two are the definition of love. I am so incredibly thankful for them!

ps. How cute are they?! :)

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