April 25, 2016

Weeks 38 & 39

week 38:

Baby: Cambree is about the size of a leek. The app estimates her to be around 6.8 pounds and over 19 inches long. She has a firm grasp and is basically a fully developed baby hanging out in my stomach. 

Weight: I am to my weekly appointments at the doctor and this week I weighed in at 126 pounds. 

Symptoms: Somehow contractions have completely stopped this week. I have had some pain in the lower areas, but it is mostly just her moving around. My acid reflux came back with a vengeance this week. I woke up Wednesday in the middle of the night throwing up and it was horrible! I ended up staying home from work and mostly slept all day. I officially have real cankles and swollen feet all day long and not just in the evenings. I also think my face is starting to show some swelling... or that is where some of my weight gain is going. 

Sleep: Sleeping is a guessing game. Some nights I am so tired and I sleep great other nights I feel so tired and am up every hour. I mostly have to pee every hour and sometimes I am wide awake after rolling out of bed. Speaking of... rolling out of bed is so hard. 

Cravings: No real cravings... although I am still a fan of sweets and fruit. 

Doctor: At the doctor I was a full 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced and super hopeful for some changes! Baby girl was perfectly fine at the doctor and her heart rate is steady at 141 bpm. I try to stay standing and walking and moving from the moment I get home until I fall into bed. I sit at work most of the day so when I am home I try to stay busy and get all those steps in. Bring on the contractions!

 week 39:

Baby: She is the size of a mini watermelon... which sounds insane, but when I look down I feel like she is actually the size of a large bowling ball. According to the app she might be around 7 pounds and 20 inches long. She is forming new skin and is starting to be able to control her body temperature. She is running out of room in my stomach. I can feel her all over the place pretty much all day long. She likes to hang out on the right side, but has been rolling and making big movements. She gets the hiccups often and only jabs or pokes sometimes. She is a big fan of sticking her butt straight out and making me feel like my stomach is going to explode. 

Weight: I was up another pound the week putting me up at 127 pounds.

Symptoms: These are pretty much the same as last week. I am still having acid reflux and she is still all up in my areas. My ankles are even more swollen. But, I am feeling pretty great all things considered and am super anxious to meet this baby girl. 

Sleep: I have decided that pregnancy is actually the start of the idea that you can no longer sleep peacefully. I pretty much wake up sore every morning, but the aches and pains go away once I move around. 

Cravings: Not feeling much of anything this week. 

Doctor: I was super hopeful for good news at the doctor this week and I was told there was almost no changes from the week before. I am barely a 2 and still only 50% effaced. Since the baby is still moving around fine and the heart rate sounds good the doctor decided to give me more time and not make a plan until this coming week (40 weeks). 

Random: We are so anxious for this waiting period to be over. It is so weird not knowing when your life is going to change forever, especially for a type A person. Every morning or when Cam hears me gets back into bed he asks if it is time. He is ready to meet his baby girl too and I just know my heart is going to melt. We have all the baby things and only a few more items to get off our registries. We have been blessed with so many great people in our lives and they have gifted us with all of the best things. I was starting to think about how weird it is going to be to not be pregnant anymore. But, I do have to say I am ready to feel "normal-ish" again. 

This is how 39 weeks really looks... 

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