April 13, 2016

showered with love

We were blessed to have been given three different showers. Each was perfect and sweet. Cambree is loved by so many people and the showers really showed how lucky and blessed we are to have the support that we have. God is so so good.

Our first baby shower was everything I could have dreamt up! My sister, mother, and her best friend worked really hard to make my Pinterest dreams come to life. The shower was beautiful and the company was unmatchable. The theme for the shower incorporated baby books and simple flowers. Kennedy did a great job decorating and Debbie and my mom were quite the hosts. We received so many great gifts and had a great time. One of my most treasured gifts is of course from Gram. She had a blanket quilted out of my old dresses and outfits from when I was a baby for Cambree.

Our second shower was thrown by the Church and the ladies of my mother-in-laws small group. Seriously the sweetest group of ladies. They had perfect black and white with a little bit of blush pink incorporated in the decor. Kathy spoke a beautiful prayer and blessing over Cambree and I and it was so special. We were gifted with so many great presents this shower as well.

The third shower was probably the most fun because it was full of all our friends. Cheryl and Ally and Amanda threw us a couples shower. It was technically a beer and diapers shower, but we called it a couples shower. It was basically just Cam and I getting to hang out with our most cherished friends and family on a Saturday night. It was low key and laid back and perfect. We were gifted so so so many diapers and wipes! Cam counted them all when we got home and he added up 1200 diapers! So awesome! We were blessed with the best and we can't wait to bring Cambree into this world to meet all of these amazing people.

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