January 6, 2016

Our Christmas 2015

I waned to recap our 2015 Christmas because it is after all my most favorite time of year! This Christmas was extra special because it was our very last one with just the two of us. I couldn't help but think with each Christmas event what next year would be like. We are supper excited for this upcoming year and we made sure to have a fantastic 2015 Christmas.

I have only had my Christmas decorations put away for a few days and I already miss coming home to a warm and cozy Christmas house. There is just something about this twinkling lights that make me so happy.

On Christmas Eve Cam and I were supposed to be over at his parents, but the Ocheskey clan came down with a terrible stomach flu and we all wanted no part of that so we moved the Mav Christmas to Christmas night in hopes that everyone would be sick and fever free for over 24 hours. So we hung out at my parents for a bit and then went back to our house for the night. It was a calm and quiet Christmas eve and it was lovely.

Christmas morning Cam and I woke up and while I was moving slowly out of bed Cam made cinnamon rolls and coffee, well cappuccino, for me! We opened up the dogs stockings. Griffey didn't really know what to do with his gifts at first and then he realized he could shred the paper and was all over that. Deuce carried around his bone all wrapped up for awhile before I started tearing the paper for him. He was a happy camper with a wrapped bone and didn't care for the unwrapped bone. Ha!

Then it was time for Cam and I to trade stockings. This year was our first year having stockings. It was so much fun to fill his up with goodies and I imagine he had a little bit  of fun with mine. He got me a ton of chapstick, which is just what I had asked Santa for :) ! After stockings we opened our big presents to each other. I finally surprised Cam with a gift for the first time ever. I got him a Go Pro and he had no idea! He got me some awesome gifts as well including super warm and comfy Ugg boots.

We finished up presents and cleaned up then headed over to my parents house for their Christmas celebration. My Gram and Papa come down every year for Christmas, or we head up there, but we haven't been up there in a few years. Once they arrived we started passing out presents. The first present to be opened was to me from Cam. I had no idea what he was doing, but I opened up a little red solo cup with a sticky note that said my scavenger hunt started here. He had hid little stickies all over my parents house and yard with clues to my present. That trickster, I didn't even know I had another present from him!

The final clue led me to the shop with a big wrapped box with the last sticky saying "I love you". He is a sweetheart when he wants to be. He surprised me with a new washer and it is amazing!!

After that we went back inside to pass out everyone else presents. Santa (and Gram) spoiled everyone again this year, even Cambree had a stack of presents! After presents we had an early Christmas dinner and then headed back to our house to set up the washer and organize our new goodies.

That night we went over to the Mavs to celebrate with the whole family. Watching the kids open presents is always so much fun. I can't wait for next year! Christmas of 2015 was a great one! We are truly blessed by the family and friends God put into our lives.

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