January 4, 2016

2015: Year in Review

We welcomed the new year with family 
dinners at our apartment and tiny visitors like the one below.

We bought our first house! We also had our first snow.

We spent Easter with family and enjoyed our second snow of the year. 

We welcomed Griffey into our lives!

We had crazy weather accompanied with record rainfall and tornadoes. We lost one of our biggest trees and welcomed baby number 7 into the world!

I snuck on my dad and sisters graduation trip to Canada! 
We also went to Colorado to celebrate Kelsey & Nikos wedding and Kennedy graduated from high school. We lost our dear friend Sue. 

We traveled to Cabo, celebrated our 2nd anniversary, 
and spent many weekends on the lake.

We moved Kennedy into college, finished painting my kitchen cabinets,
and soaked up the last bit of summer sun. We found out we were pregnant this month and had to keep the world's biggest secret! 

We took the dogs camping. Continued keeping the world's biggest secret until the middle of the month. Told all family members the big news and then announced it to the world!

We found out Baby Mav is a GIRL!

We celebrated Thanksgiving together and then had three more celebrations!

We celebrated our first Christmas in our new house, spent many hours duck hunting, and took a crazy road trip to Colorado in the middle of winter storm Goliath!

2015 was a year full of blessings, lessons learned, and fun. We did so much more than what was mentioned, but there is never enough room or words to write.

I haven't sat down to think or write out any 2016 plans or goals, but I know it will be a year to remember. 2016 is going to be a year full of change and welcomed emotions. We can not wait to become parents to our sweet baby girl! 

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