June 4, 2015

Summer Bucket List

       Hi, I am still here just buried under home improvement projects and life in general. Have y'all seen the news lately? Texas had a month straight of rain, nope that doesn't quite work, Texas had a month straight of downpours. We were basically flooded from tip to top here. We are grateful that these storms weren't devastating for us personally, but know that there are so many people still dealing from the events. We were lucky enough to only lose one huge tree in the backyard and it missed the house & power line! We also learned that our septic gets backed up if its too wet, so we have learned to use water and um enjoy? the smell of sulphur. 

But, it is June already which means summer is officially here! We are ready for the sunshine, the lakes are full, cook outs, and spending too much time at the pool. Speaking of lakes... Y'all our lake is over capacity now. It hasn't been this full since 2007, it is actually still closed to all boating and extracurricular traffic to avoid flooding homes. The mosquitos are loving the swamp grounds and my legs are not. I am hoping the mosquitos tone down on their excitement to bite, because I am not trying to look like I have chicken pox. 

Our summer will be packed full I am sure, but I wanted to write down some of my goals for the summer. 

Summer 2015 Bucket List
  1. Finish painting the kitchen cabinets & put all our stuff in them!... this is close to being done and I am SO excited.
  2. Install subway tile backsplash in the kitchen. 
  3. Install new lighting.
  4. Build mini farm table.
  5. Finish building pallet chair.
  6. Eat tons of peaches from our peach tree.
  7. Cook a homemade pizza on the grill.
  8. Go to the lake... we live there now so I plan on making this a daily thing.
  9. Get a tan!
  10. Cabo! 
  11. Get a job.... applying for teaching jobs. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  12. Read for fun. 
  13. Celebrate 2 full & fun years of marriage
  14. Renovate the guest bathroom. 
  15. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures.

I am so excited for this Summer and hope to document every part of it. Hope everyone has a great first weekend of unofficial summer!

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